myreadings: He never ever generalized. The Prophet peace be upon him kept relations with those who cut him off; he did good to those who harmed him; he spoke the truth in every circumstance; he greeted people with love and respect; he analysed what was sensitive to people and he avoided it. Ya Allah make … Continue reading

Political correctness and diplomacy breeds insincerity. If you lack the courage to call a spade a spade, then you’re mincing words to accommodate the lack of maturity on the part of the recipient that prevents them from separating the issue from the individual. It annoys me considerably when I’m asked to water down my comments … Continue reading

shantosophy: This is not romance. Romance would be a fresh bundle of flowers on the kitchen table and an unspoken agreement of sharing smouldering kisses amid the nearest silken sheets. It would be half-filled glasses of wine, dinner reservations, and starched clothing. It would be the radio playing outside of a window, high school sweethearts, and initials … Continue reading

Somewhere in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa (c) Cynically Jaded

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