Another day has come to rise, 

My shadows will now rest their eyes.

They sleep so calm in the break of day, 

And thus serene I may seem of face.

Of hustle and work I may seem to be,

Of stress, then break and tranquility.

On all things human I may seem to feed,

But my core is of a rotting breed.

And then when darkness shall come to fall,

My shadows will raise up and tall.

Ready to begin a night one more,

Of whispering of all my lost Lenores.

Of reminding me of Death’s due peace,

And all wealth opened with dirt keys.

And singing to me in the dead of night,

My shadows will shut out the light. 

And though, on my door, hope may knock,

From sound, my ears, the shadows will block.

They cage me whole in my mind of fog,

Choke out the kind ticking, of the clock.

And though me, they drown, in a gory sea,

My shadows give dear company. 

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