South Africa.

Some kinda beautiful.

Trust me, Yeoville is not nearly as romantically beautiful as this picture suggests. It was, about two decades ago, one of the elite suburbs close to the CBD of Johannesburg, but has since deteriorated into a slum with Nigerian drug lords controlling most of it. Barbed wire and barricades is the norm, with graffiti everywhere. It is alongside Hillbrow, which is the most notorious suburb in the country. The tall building in the background to the left is called Ponte City. It is a round building that is plagued by crime and suicides, let alone drugs and other shady behaviour. 

Only people looking for a real third world adventure, or people that have no choice, venture into this part of Johannesburg. Extended efforts to clean up this part of town has been on-going for many years now, with some success. If you want to get a realistic view of what the Johannesburg inner city is really about, watch the movie Jerusalema. It’s a South African production with a very realistic storyline. The beauty of this country certainly does not reside in the Johannesburg inner city any longer. 

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