octopic: Ray of Light over the Mosque Now here’s a dome that I love. No horrible symbols steeped in paganism. Just a single simple tip, no different to the profession of there being only one god whose name is Allah. 

Water lily in my fish pond. (c) Cynically Jaded

The coolness of my eyes The garment of my soul ‘tis all I need to make me whole My lips on her lips From whence she sipped Will fill the void, between cup and lip Beauty reserved For the beholder beholden Elevates her words, still unspoken Bejewelled with modesty But never frigid ‘tis a treasure, … Continue reading

wordswoman: iseeadifferentyou: Yeoville South Africa. Some kinda beautiful. Trust me, Yeoville is not nearly as romantically beautiful as this picture suggests. It was, about two decades ago, one of the elite suburbs close to the CBD of Johannesburg, but has since deteriorated into a slum with Nigerian drug lords controlling most of it. Barbed wire … Continue reading

myreadings: Imagine stepping outside every day—your body and face in complete concealment from the rest of the world, with only a slit exposing your eyes to see where you are going. A life devoted to the constant worship of God, through extremely modest dressing.This is the life that twenty-six-year-old Noor B. lives every day. This … Continue reading

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