I often get the urge to be really pedantic (read anal) about spelling and grammar by reblogging every single post I find simply to correct, in very blatant ways, the spelling and grammar errors that are often made because of lethargy, rather than a genuine typo. The genuine typos I would take the time to notify the OP about it, but the rest I dismiss…which is a pity because often there are posts or posters that are compiled with a really profound message in it, only to be tainted by poor grammar or spelling, or both. 

This is particularly irksome when someone defaces a beautiful photo with text that is poorly written. Worse still, when the poorly written note gets thousands of reblogs and notes!

Mediocrity sucks! And chances are very good that I made a mistake or three in this post as well…which is usually the case when complaining about these things. 😐

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