zimnoye asked: It’s so nice that you can call a different nationality ‘savages’, how not racist at all. Good for you.


It’s nice to see how the Israeli government and IDF has slaughtered millions.

It’s nice how they blocked roads in Lebanon in 2006 while my grandmother needed to be rushed to a hospital only to never get there which resulted in her passing away.

It’s so nice how they bombed the fuck out of my grandparent’s apartment reducing to rubble.

It’s nice how they dehumanize Palestinians on a daily basis.

It’s nice how they have to arrest a father for “stealing” water, showing that he was being deprived of a basic human right.

It’s so nice for Palestinian mothers to birth their children today only to bury them tomorrow because of the IDF.

It’s so nice how Palestinians are kicked out of their homes during the night because Israel needs to built museums.

It’s so nice how Israel is destroying Muslim graveyards to build more museums on them.

It’s so nice how if you don’t get out your home quick enough for them to demolish, they shoot you, regardless of how old you are.

It’s so nice how Israel constantly fires randomly at Palestinians to “protect themselves” from rock when they are the ones who have bulldozers, tanks, bombs, missiles, guns, and bullets.

It’s so nice how even after a Palestinian is shot that while bleeding to death they treat the person like an animal kicking him around.

It’s so nice how Palestinian children have to return to school the next day only to be forced to absorb the sick reality that their classmate is now a martyr.

Isn’t it so fucking nice?! If it makes me a racist then so be it.

Now kindly fuck off.

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