Watch this video! The untold story of 9/11, The Taliban and the Afghan war to help you understand whats going on. watch and share

“There can never be “Peace” and “Democracy” in Afghanistan, Why? Because “Peace” and “Democracy” will expose and cut off Corporate America’s opium and heroin trade source, so what was the pay off for US and British War on Afghanistan?”

“With no solid proof on who is responsible for 9/11 G.Bush attacked the poverty stricken war ravaged country of Afghanistan only 4 weeks after 9/11. The US and British dropped 12 thousand bombs on thousands of buildings and homes pounding them into dust and rubble and killing 8 thousand Afghan people, 20 thousand more people died from war related cause, starvation and disease. No body made the big budget TV production out of the massacre.”

“The US and British War on Afghanistan left behind millions of starving people and thousands of women homeless and penny-less”

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