An alternate view of Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa. (c) Cynically Jaded

My Struggle Continues

I needed this reminder tonight… the72sects: It tires me just thinking about how futile some struggles can be. Many of my struggles fit this description quite well. Seeing all the posts about Muharram, about special occasions, about noted personalities, and scholarly quotes, and admirable leaders…all this sometimes inspires me, but most times it tires me.  … Continue reading My Struggle Continues

I love images like these. It makes me laugh at the ego of man. Sitting here typing away at a keyboard feeling proud about the level of technical brilliance we achieved that allows us to interact in real time with people on the other side of the planet across time zones and even across language … Continue reading

myreadings: Y’know, it takes courage to grow a beard. Beard isn’t like hijab, you don’t get to take it off when you’re with friends y’know like us girls do with the hijabniqab, its a part of you and I think its harder to be committed to. Sure it’s is your identity as a Muslim, but the beard … Continue reading

I want a lantern like this (Source:

A Few Observations About Muslims

In my time in the workplace, including judging from my sister’s experiences as a real estate agent, I can state without a doubt that we have both been done in by more Muslims than any other religious group. The saddest part is that these Muslims, and there’s far too many of them to even recall, … Continue reading A Few Observations About Muslims

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