you seem to fond of literature, poetry, is this true, do you have any favorite poets/novelists?

I’m fond of poetry but rarely do it justice. Literature not so much, purely because I seem to lack the attention span to read an entire novel. One poet that appears to be relatively unknown is one of my favourites because of the simple style of her writing. Her name is Ella Wheeler Wilcox. I [...]


Still…Is how my heart no longer beats for you These demons, they thrive because of you Still…Ravaged by the betrayal of you Yearning for that which was never to be with you Still…Can’t believe what I saw was not you The silence of the night is noisy without you Still…A stranger in this world just [...]

Pathetic prose and paltry poetry ‘tis all that escapes the cage within me Noisy numbers, withered flowers  ‘tis all that remains of the hopes that plagued me Being is burdened,  ‘til death embraceth me

Is Depression the Root Cause, or the Symptom?

Given the inevitable challenges that are normally presented to me around my views on depression and mental ‘illnesses’ I thought I’d pre-empt some of the responses with links to two previous posts that I wrote around November last year explaining my views on this and the basis on which I formed my views. So if [...]

It takes courage to love again, not a perfect lover. Cynically Jaded

Question: Depression

cynicallyjade:thefemaleedward:People who think depression is a choice, take a second to think. How would it feel to wake up and not having the emotional strength to face people? To think that time is just passing by with no real reason? To feel so alone even when you are sitting…Unfortunately you’ve missed the entire point of [...]