Ya Ayyuhal Insaan

Yaa Ayyuhal Innsaanu Maa Gharraka Bi Rabbikal Kareem? “Oh forgetful mankind, what has distracted you from your Generous Lord?” (Quran 82:6) Incidentally, this is a verse that resounds in my head at the most unexpected times very often.

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Happy Damned Birthday

Birthdays have always been an ominous occasion for me. I can never find a reason to celebrate because of the stark reminders carried by such a milestone. I’m certainly a glass-half-empty kind of person when it comes to this, probably because my glass full of life just got emptier at the passing of yet another…

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Life, by design, is intended to be a struggle and nothing less. If you’re not facing a struggle, then you’re probably not paying attention. But this struggle called life is supposed to be a joyous struggle, not a painful one. Joyous because it’s supposed to be a struggle towards earning the pleasure of Allah. But…

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