For a little while I was enthused by the fact that I had found a group of Muslims on Tumblr to engage with. That happiness didn’t last because unfortunately it turns out that most of them are obsessed with persevering debates that are over a thousand years old instead of just focusing on that which directly benefits us now. 

There is absolutely nothing being said about this cursed Shia/Sunni debate that hasn’t already been said. Anyone, and I mean anyone that is desperately searching for the truth in all this will find it as easily as typing “Shia Sunni” in Google. I just tried it and I got 12,900,000 hits. Do you honestly think you’re going to add something new to that discussion? 

Like I’ve said before, before you post something, or engage in debate, consider carefully whether or not that will enhance or diminish your Imaan, because there is no middle ground on this. Every single thing we do either pulls us closer to this world, or to the hereafter. There is nothing that leaves us unchanged, no matter how small such a change may be. The more we get entangled in debates that have been had a million times over (or according to Google 12 million times over), the more we get distracted with trying to convince someone of something that they’re not interested in seeing. 

By all means, if someone approaches you sincerely for guidance on the matter, engage meaningfully and share what knowledge you have to guide them towards what you believe is correct. But it’s quite easy to determine within the first few exchanges whether someone is in it to understand the truth or are they in it to prove their point over yours. 

It’s tedious to watch my dashboard raped with these monotonous regurgitations of the same old views that have not changed in a thousand years and will not change in another thousand years. A perfect reminder of the verse from Surah Kafiroon that says:

La kum deeni kum, wa liya deen

To you is your way and to me is mine

Unless you’re adding something new to the debate, I have just three words for you:

L E T   I T   G O 


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