Defeat is often preceded by the greatest show of arrogance. Cynically Jaded

entarteten: xeb695: ONE UMMAH ONE LOVE  This goes to promote anti-Shi’ism more than anything else, because it is the Shi’a […]
Tumblr often ends up being a social experiment for me, that is when it’s not being used as an outlet. […]

Hmmm…land of the free and home of the brave. Indeed. 

entarteten: danceswithfaeriesunderthemoon: uncensoredhijabii: Ahahahaha:’) One of my favourite films ever. lol @ the Iranian government mandated facial stubble/beards amongst the […]
byyourmercyallah: A man called up a Sheikh on TV and asked him: “Can I listen to the Jummah khutbah from […]