This goes to promote anti-Shi’ism more than anything else, because it is the Shi’a who decided to initially break-off from the Sunnis (we have to look at the foundational instance of who started the division firstly.) Now, to further their own Shi’a cause, the Shi’a are trying to promote “unity” with the Sunnis instead of coming towards traditional Islam (Ahl as-Sunnah wal-Jamm’ah) themselves. I think it is a dirty tactic that traps a lot of well-meaning but un-knowledgable Sunnis into it…

And this is another reason why I’m against Shi’ism, as it seems too often that the Ayatollah’s in power abuse religion for their own ends. The Twelver Shi’a theological structure is very similar to the structure of the catholic church… you won’t find this kind of structure within Sunnism.

edit: I’m not anti-Shi’a laymen/regular Shi’a people, though. Just anti-Shi’a power structures.


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