Tumblr often ends up being a social experiment for me, that is when it’s not being used as an outlet. Usually my posts about personal reflections on struggles and joys alike tend to attract affirmation from a broad audience. This generally confirms that the universal struggle that is shared is that that is independent of politics, religion, and other such socially inspired distractions (for lack of a better word). 

However, every single time that I ventured into the political or religious arena, I watched my follower count carefully, and without fail, after a contentious post on either my political or spiritual views on an issue, I would lose a few followers. Often they’re the same followers that previously complimented my posts that inspired them to see things differently. All this means to me is that the fickleness and immaturity of people in general will always stifle our growth, because we’re so caught up in ourselves, that when we go out seeking knowledge or guidance, we do so within the context of what fits into our prejudiced views of the world, or else we discard it as something vile or distasteful. The truth is often distasteful. So such immaturity in perspective usually reflects a glaring gap of understanding in what they actually stand for. The more we understand why we believe what we believe, the less likely we are to take offence or waiver in the face of a distasteful post about an issue that irks us.  

Which makes me wonder exactly how many people live by the bull that they post about wanting to be accepted for who they are and wanting to be there for others no matter what, and all that crap. Very few actually. I can count the number of followers that have stuck around consistently through all my rants, rambles and elated romanticised views of life, and to them I afford much respect. The rest are fickle. And life is not about surrounding yourself with fickle-minded fools. It’s about being sincere and growing with every experience. 

Tumblr is my playground, and so far, it’s been a lot of fun, and inspiration. 


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