Seeing a beautiful soul regain its wings is the most rewarding and fulfilling sight ever. The resilience of the human spirit is only ever dowsed by the deliberately destructive behaviour of our own choices. If we allow the spirit to be guided without dictation but instead through true reflection and trust in the One who created us, then how can the spirit ever falter in the face of resistance…or worse still, oppression? Allow yourself to be beautiful…if you don’t, you’ll be answerable for your crime against your soul.

[Reminder to myself from something I wrote in Aug ‘10]

A Brain Dump…

I’m angry today. No, I’m frustrated. Frustrated at the lack of conviction with which most people live their lives knowing that naive bastards like me will inevitably come along and pick up the slack that they leave in their lethargic efforts to do anything.

I’m frustrated beyond belief about having to pick up the pieces of a broken soul that is the direct result of her mother’s despicably irresponsible behaviour that forces me into establishing discipline and simple values of gratitude and respect in an innocent child that was exposed to scenes that most adults would never have to witness in their entire lifetime. Values and principles that should have been established in her formative years are now having to be force-fed at the tender age of seven in the hope that she won’t end up being a passionately misguided teenager looking for love and affirmation in all the wrong places. And the only saving grace is that her mother has left her forever and will not be able to expose her to the stench of that societal decay any more.

Worse than this I despise insincere adults who are quick to jump at the opportunity to voice their opinions about how life should be lived, or kids be raised but are too self-indulgent to notice that their own lives are vapid installations of narcissistic crap that maintains nothing but a facade of bullshit that the shallow-minded swallow in gulps.

I hate society right now. No, hate is not nearly a strong enough term to describe how I feel about the hypocrisy and self-absorption that is the theme in a society driven by labels and embellishments that disguise the soul-less lives that they lead. A society that pretends to be united in their faith but are judgemental to the core and will stop at nothing to protect their little elitist clubs all dressed up in modesty and nobility which is nothing but window dressing for the double standards that they hide in their vain efforts to maintain the honour of their family names. 

I hate the world right now. 

The Quran is a book for both heart and mind. In nearness to it, a woman or a man who possesses a spark of faith knows the path to follow, knows her or his own inadequacies. No sheik is needed, no wise man, no confidant. Ultimately, the heart knows. This was what the Prophet answered when he was asked about moral feelings. In the light of the Book, he said, “Inquire of your heart.” And should our intelligence stray into the complexities of the different levels of reading, from applied ethics to the rules of practice, we must never forget to clothe ourselves in the intellectual modesty that alone can reveal the secrets of the Text. For “it is not the eyes that are blind, but the hearts within the breasts.” Such a heart, humble and alert, is the faithful friend of the Quran.

Tariq Ramadan (via seinedoll)

I don’t think this will be well-received by those that think that life without blindly following a scholar is a life of impiety and sin, not to mention a healthy dose of bid’ah. Let’s continue to strive to make Islam unreachable for the average person and ensure that we have hierarchies and elite circles that are accessible only to title holders, and the masses shall only have access to these sacred resources if they present themselves with cap in hand whilst grovelling for scraps of knowledge that the ‘learned’ ones deem them capable of understanding.

Na’udhubillah min dhaalik.

Muslim vs. Mu’Min

One thing that always annoys me about these endless debates about sects and madhabs is simply this…how much of what you’re debating has any impact on your Imaan? Given that the majority of Muslims are focused on the rituals of Islam and most don’t understand or appreciate the principles behind it, it’s easy to see why the debates are always around the practises rather than the principles. 

It’s tiring being a Muslim at times, but forever rewarding to be a Mu’min. There’s too many Muslims and too few Mu’mins. And that’s not just a play on words, because at some point it may be worth noting that Allah refers to the followers as Mu’min in the Qur’an more than ever referring to them as Muslims. There’s wisdom in that. I wish that all our wannabe scholars will apply this at some point so that we stop getting bombarded with these exhausting debates and in fact can start sharing true naseeha about how to deal with life rather than how to interpret history.