End of Gandhi references, I just think that people should know that Gandhi acted as a collaborator, and he certainly isn’t someone that we should be looking to replicate in today’s world. 

Funniest post of the day.

Keep quoting white revisionists, only read Derek Jensen. 

The white revisionists, or whitewashers, are those who forget Bhagat Singh’s pivotal role in the Indian resistance to British occupation. Go to India, the people there would agree with me that Gandhi acted as a collaborator. 

INDIANS OF TUMBLR, is Gandhi a filthy British collaborator? Did he do nothing for you guys?


I mean, if Gandhi was somehow a collaborator than we can agree that he did a terrible job of it. 

Ghandi wasn’t as saintly as most of the mainstream history books would have you believe. Even in South Africa, amongst the non-Hindu Indian population, there are many that believe that he sold out the Indians, especially the non-Hindus in his negotiations with the British. I’m not a history boffin, but both Ghandi and Mandela have a sinister side that most would prefer not to notice because of their saintly stature in society. 

Edit: Click here for an insightful article about the other side of Ghandi.


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