Question: The questioner asks about this group that has today left the Muslims and opposed them. They carry out bombings and terrorize people who once felt safe. Are these people truly part of the Khawārij or are they disbelievers? Answer: This group that has left the…
This response refers to a group that have left the scholars, but it doesn’t calarify which scholars, because I’m quite certain that many scholars have published numerous rulings advocating the use of violence and suicide bombings against unarmed civilians. Which brings me back to my point about who determines who is a scholar or who isn’t?  I’ve always been against suicide bombings, and those that support it would see justification in accusing me of breaking away from the scholars. Again, the 73 sects, who is in a position to determine which one of them is the one to enter Jannah, given that many of them do follow the Qur’an and Sunnah?  Best we focus on enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong and learn to accept that those matters that are in doubt or constant dispute should be set aside so that we fulfil two conditions recommended by the Sunnah: Leave alone that which does not concern you Halaal and Haraam is clear, and whatever exists of doubt in between is best to be avoided. We’re too busy trying to get everyone to agree on interpretations and implementation of rituals that we blow simple issues of difference of opinion into issues that supposedly determine the level of Imaan of an individual.  [Just thinking out loud]

NOW & THE HEREAFTER: Are the Terrorists of Today the Khawārij?