Hmmm, just lost a couple of followers because of my last two posts. Strange how some people choose to be silent liberals instead of taking the opportunity to engage.

Politically Incorrect

After watching a documentary produced by CNN on Islamophobia in America, I was unwittingly reminded of the dark days of apartheid in my home country. I recalled a specific incident when I was working as a network technician in one of the branches of a leading bank. I was behind the bullet proof window separating…

farrah3m: Israeli soldiers modeling new T-shirts – produced with military approval. On the left, a preganant Palestinian woman, with the caption “one shot; two kills”. On the right, a Palestinian child, with the caption “the smaller they are, the harder to hit”……. I have no words. Israel is a victim of the Palestinians, right? 

honeststrangers: “No sane person would go from tawheed to shirk.” — (via allaahsavedus) The first thought that came to mind when I read this was, ‘that doesn’t sound right’. Remembering that Allah is the One Who guides hearts towards Imaan, this statement suggests that we have absolute control over our Imaan. I think that…

Abu Hamed al-Ghazali was asked: ‘Does money upset the hearts of learned men?’ He answered: ‘Men whose hearts are changed by money are not learned.’ (via storyseldomtold)

runmydear: agreed. (Source: