‎2-3 million people go to Mecca for Hajj every year, 19 million people visited the Shrine of Imam al Hussain (as) in Karbala this year. What does that tell you? That people find Imam al Hussain (as) more important than the Holy Ka’ba? No. It tells us that Iraq, a war torn country, with a weak economy, security and which doesn’t even have the capability to give the whole population elecriticity, can peacefully and host 19 million people in one city for very little money, giving away free shelter, food and supplies, even under the continuous attacks of suicide bombers. Saudi Arabia, on the other hand, a wealthy oil-filled country that has barely experienced an explosion before, finds it necessary to charge Muslims thousands of pounds to do their pilgramage which every Muslim must fulfil once in their life. One country gives shelter, food and supplies, seeking the blessings of helping people, another country makes profit off people simply fulfilling their religious requirements. 
You judge who the hypocrites are. 

Why are we talking about the greediness of Saudi Arabia and of Sunnis…?

When it is well known in Shi’ism that Shi’a Imams all over the Shi’a world, from Iran to Iraq to Lebanon, collect 1/5th of the income of the populace that they control. How do you think the Iranian Ayatollahs have so much money?

Look up the greedy Shi’a concept of Khums and watch the Shi’a try to justify their “Islamic Tax” here:



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