Was he soft in the head? Cos that TV didn’t break. 🙂 Fat cat. (Source: http://toptumbles.com)

More truth has not been spoken about my current state. :’(

Endlessly fascinated by beautiful eyes. They never lie. But the tongue and the spine often betray them. Too often… 🙁 (Source: http://simply-katherine.tumblr.com/)

One of the most off-putting/annoying/irritating habits I’ve noticed with some Muslim bloggers is when they try to make statements starting with phrases like ‘O you Muslims’ or ‘O you Shias’ or ‘O you Salafis’ etc. etc. etc.  Isn’t that slightly beyond aloof or condescending? That’s the way Allah (SWT) addresses His flawed and error prone…

A view of South Africa from the Drakensburg mountain range, close to Harrismith. (c) Cynically Jaded

A giant moth in my back yard. This moth easily covers the entire palm of an average adult. Really amazing. (c) Cynically Jaded