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My dear brothers and sisters do not be confused by the title. It is just something that needs to be clarified and written about since many say about the Salafis: “You have left off the Taqleed of the four Imams to make Taqleed of Shaikh Al Albani and Shaikh Ibn Baaz.”
One of the best articles I’ve read on the subject so far, which very clearly presents why it is wrong to constantly base your views on the statements of scholars, especially when either your re-quote of the scholar, or even the scholar’s original quote was out of context. We hide behind scholars to justify our laziness and lack of back bone to take accountability for our own actions.  As is supported by the article, a true scholar will never ask you to follow him/her. They will instead invite you towards determining the truth based on original and authentic sources for guidance, and not just their interpretations. Scholars who don’t differentiate their personal opinions from the actual facts stated in the texts of Qur’an and Hadith are misguided at best, or devious at worst.  And those of us that are too quick to sit back and suggest that unless we’ve studied formally and extensively then we’re not allowed to apply our minds and intellect are the very same blind followers that the writer of this article refers to [this is my interpretation of the article]. Islam is definitely not so complex that every single thing needs to be clarified by a scholar. It’s a universal way of life that is closest to our nature. Intellectualising it and establishing formal scholarly structures as a prerequisite for guidance in matters of deen is a devious bid’ah that must be opposed and undone. 

“SO GIVE GLAD TIDINGS TO THE STRANGERS”: Taqleed vs Taqleed – Musa Millington