I’ve noticed at times how grey-faced cowards attack people for their blogs being too morbid or depressed or whatever, and I always wonder about two things. Firstly, if you find it depressing, move the f*** on since no one compelled you to read it in the first place, and secondly, I don’t know anyone that needs to vent when they’re happy. So duh!

But seriously though, most of the blogs I follow, and I’m referring to those with more original content than reblogs, tend to blog either about challenges they’re facing, how to cope with betrayal, or else about issues of interest or common purpose, often including religion. I think I’m the same with the odd occasion when my mind goes blank and I reblog things I find either really funny, really interesting, or really beautiful. 

I’ve unfollowed most of the blogs that tend to spam my dash with other people’s content all day. They just wear me down to a point where I don’t even have the energy to read some of the really good posts that would otherwise interest me because my attention span is just frayed to the bone. 

I’ve tried the grey-faced coward thing once or twice, but my conscience got the better of me and I confessed to it being me quite soon thereafter. If you’re not willing to put your ‘name’ behind your statements, then you’re hypocritical because you’re ashamed or afraid to be associated with the rubbish that you spew. 

Of course the grey-faced ones that leave beautiful messages for others just leave me sad, and ambivalent. Why is it so difficult for people to have a back bone these days? Is it a new degenerative disorder spawned by the internet?


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