Please, God, No.


“Muslim feminist”? No. Nonononononononononononononononono.

Islam already gives women more rights than any religion anywhere (as it has for more than a millennium and a half), it already holds them up as a man’s equal, and it already shows women for the wonderful, beautiful partners of men that they are. In other words, Islam already shows the truth.


Feminism has already spread its cancerous, rotting spectre across much of the Western world, teaching women everything BUT equality, teaching them instead that the only way to be “free” is to debase themselves, run from femininity, and struggle their whole lives to be the one thing they can never be: A man.

Understand, the extreme cases of so-called “Muslim countries” like Saudi Arabia and places like it where women’s basic human rights are abused are despicable, yes, but they’re cultural, not Islamic. Ladies… sisters… fight them secularly, and I’ll be right beside you yelling my support… but don’t do it this way. Don’t abandon who you are for something you don’t need.

I pray, from the bottom of my heart, that such a beautiful, complete religion & way of life isn’t tarnished by the slime that is feminism. Or, more succinctly: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”. 

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