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YES to all of this. The distractions would be platforms of displacement/projection & might steer into an addiction to any minutiae that folks subscribe to. Habits like those (to cope/run away) become the hardest to break.

Couldn’t agree with you more! Because in forming those habits, they inevitably conform to a clique that they often look to for affirmation, and therefore breaking away, if that is the main source of affirmation in their life, becomes almost impossible. At times like that, I believe that if we’re still sincere in wanting to break away, we are presented with situations that force us to alter our state or die resisting. 

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Good points but wouldn’t that mean that they are intentionally ignoring (and hence, aware of said issues) instead of being totally oblivious?

They may be aware of the issue, but awareness often doesn’t imply realisation. For me, if they know but do not realise, then they’re oblivious to the real impact of what it is that they’re either denying, or refusing to take seriously. So I guess, in a way I agree with you, but I still think that them being oblivious to the impact of their decisions to ignore these issues is what is really sad. 

But I guess you could argue that making a conscious choice not to act on a realisation is in itself a realisation and therefore not obliviousness. 🙂 I believe that there are some that make these conscious choices because they lack the courage to go against the grain, in which case they’re not oblivious, but I also believe that this is a select few, while the majority are definitely oblivious because of the distractions they subscribe to. 

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how do you know if others are oblivious to truths about themselves?

I see it in their actions when I engage with them and I see how they deny their nature in favour of what will be the popular choice. When they refuse to make difficult decisions because of the fear of offending others, even though the issue may be related to a deeply embedded principle that they feel strongly about. And especially when I see how focused they are on maintaining their image relative to what is trendy rather than what they’re naturally comfortable with. These, for me, are usually clear indicators that they’re too distracted by the superficial to spend any meaningful time reflecting and finding purpose and discovering the truths about themselves.


I’m at odds with life. I’m the most responsible person you’ll probably ever meet, but also the most child-like at heart, but I’m not a child. I’ve resisted every effort by others to force me into a box so that I would be easier for them to deal with, but I’m not a rebel. Especially not one without a cause. But I am rebellious. 

I resist meeting the expectations of others for the sake of conformance or maintaining some balance in the predictability of society. But I also play my role to ensure a social balance. I don’t see rules and limits, only principles and reason. And despite the amount of life in my years, I’m still grappling with how little I know of myself.

And then I look without, after focusing within for too long, and I notice how most others are oblivious to these truths about themselves. So I wonder if it’s reasonable to expect them to notice these truths about me? I want to be known, intimately, but most never look close enough to notice enough to know enough to appreciate me the way I would them. But that is the trigger for the vicious cycle that spares me any meaningful connection with others, because in realising this, I withdraw, withhold, and wither.

It’s not that I haven’t tried. No. In fact, I have tried often enough to have rightfully earned the label of being naively daft! But my child-like naivety prompts my obstinacy to resist any efforts to make me behave boringly. Predictably. So in my resistance, I’ve nurtured my passion that waits patiently to love ferociously a worthy subject, but instead I’ve only secured my isolation. 

P.S. Just noticed that this was my 500th post. 🙂