There are times when I despise the carefree idiots that I see out there. Sometimes because of envy, but most times because I can’t help but wonder what level of obliviousness they have managed to achieve in their lives. I look with scorn and stare with contempt at the people I have to work with these days because they’re so caught up in their own lives that everything is about their entitlement to privileges, with hardly any focus at all on putting in any extra effort to achieve tough deadlines.

It’s always about what suits them and never about what is needed to get the damn job done. They’re so damn quick to cry ‘work-life balance’ but are too thick to realise that their success at the workplace is exactly what contributes to their quality of life since money definitely doesn’t grow on trees and capitalism is not kind to loafers! 

Commitment is something that people attribute to romantic inclinations only, with everything else treated as a necessary evil unless it appeals to their depraved need for instant gratification. We may not have evolved from monkeys, but at this rate, there’s very little that’s preventing us from evolving into monkeys!


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