Should we follow our Madhab, or follow the Hadith?

Knowledge before action & speech: Should we follow our Madhab or Follow the Hadiths? (When they contradict) albosnawee: If a person is learning fiqh from one of the four madhhabs, then he sees a hadeeth that opposes his madhhab; and so he follows it and leaves his madhhab – then this is recommended, rather it…

Re: The Thing That Scares Me Most About Bipolar Disorder

misanthropyaddict: thestoryofabipolarbear: justthissideofsane: is the fact that, if it’s gotten so much worse in the years since the onset, I can’t imagine how much worse it might get in ten years. Or 20. Or 30.  Take it one day at a time. Don’t think about the future. It will only scare you.  One word: Neuroplasticity….