Colab tyme (keep this going, ya fine folks!)




I start…. U finish….

I can soak away The impurities Gathered on my Skin through our Interractions… Scrub peppermint salts across The scent of you Till I am fresh and new again In the boiling water

…. Now you. Edit the reblog so I can make sure to read them all.

and I drowned in thoughts of cinnamon feelings, only to find a surface on the other side mending wounds with such a menthol balm. Held adrift on bubbles of seething joy. 

and while my joy comes to a boil, I first thaw, slowly, because I’ve got a long way to go.  At first, painfully overcome by the heat, I begin to sink, eventually to the very bottom of You.  The bubbles circle like an army around me, some of them rise and make one with the air of the world Above.  But back down here, I’m in my zone forgetting who I am and suddenly dissipitating into who I want to be …. except, there is no “I” in “be” which inevitably, teaches me to do just that.

And in trying to be, I realise that instead, I am. The thaw complete, remnants of the stench of your hypocrisy are finally liberated in an unceremonious farewell. Your thievery defeated, the blade discarded, the pills flushed. I am present. I am. Me. 

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