A man sitting in contemplation at the Rüstem Pasha Mosque (Istanbul, Turkey; photographer unknown). From touba.

Stray Thoughts…

Watching ‘Battle in Seattle’, I was reminded of how easy it is to trivialise causes that have been hyped into absurdity by the press. But the strongest theme that kept plaguing me was why it is that we forget that the police that carry out atrocities against protesters are in fact from the same communities as the protesters. So is it really reasonable to excuse them by saying that they only did their jobs? 

Being a police officer for a blatantly corrupt and greed-ridden government must require massive doses of naivete, blind faith, ignorance or desperation. Otherwise, I can’t imagine how anyone that is consciously aware of what they’re supporting could honestly say that it’s just a job! The logic just seems grossly selective. 

Protecting corruption must in itself demand a corruption of the protector or supporter. Be it corruption of morals, ethics or otherwise, it must demand that a similar corruption must exist in both parties, regardless of how well-meaning either party is. For this reason, it’s critical to reflect on why we’re doing what we’re doing at every step of the way. 

Making conscious decisions seems to be a lost art. We don’t reflect enough. And we don’t spend enough time finding credible points of reference on which to calibrate our moral compass. History books can only teach us so much. We learn the most by seeing those qualities of the great personalities reflected in role models that we experience today. The less role models we have, the more we find ourselves lost in the translation of life. 

We fool ourselves into believing that it’s about world domination, and domination of one culture over another, when in fact it really is simply about greed. Culture, ethics, morals, religion and everything else becomes instruments of greed. Nothing is sacred in the pursuit of wealth. When wealth becomes the objective, regardless of how sincere the cause may appear, it scratches open the surface that will allow the ulcer of corruption to be established. In a time when we see polarisation in almost every aspect of our lives, the world seems to be filled with the most lost souls or fence-sitters. To me, this points to a void in leadership. Leadership in every sphere and not just government or religion. 

Simply beautiful truth.