First the gentle caress of her unsteady lips on unsteady lips. A brush of tongue. A pause. A glint in her eyes, bashful but bold, focused on my hesitant moistness struggling to take in air. If I don’t breathe, the trembling will start soon. I can feel it in my gut. The slightest palpitations threatening to embarrass me. But I manage to catch a few deep breaths in time for her to seal my lips with hers. Softest, gentlest, most tender seal. And then the thrust. Deep within. A strong deep thrust of her tongue causing me to hold onto it with the deep breaths I was trying to steal while the trembling grew stronger. And as suddenly, her tongue withdraws, but not completely. Slowly, gently, along my lips, my teeth. Playing inside my mouth as if exploring. Sensually exploring. I struggle to open my eyes to steal a stare, but hers are closed. Our lips part, but our tongues continue to tease each other. Still just flirting with each other, and occasionally teasing my lips, and mine hers. Every ridge, every swell, every aching detail. I enter her mouth. Mimicking her explorations of mine. Slowly, the gentleness subsides, the teasing stops, our tongues withdraw. The flash of guilt. The hint of remorse. But the glory of the moment draws us in again. Only now, the rhythm is sublime. The gentleness, painful. The ache, overwhelming. The moment, torturous. Her amazing body in my hands not even enjoying a moment of focus. Her lips. Oh her lips, and what mystery it conceals. Melded to mine, in a perfect embrace. Tongues tip-toeing around each other but never interrupting. The seal must not be broken. 

That kiss. I’d kill for that kiss.

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