It's anonymous posts like that which I feel degrade Atheism to the extent of reciprocating their view of 'religious ignorance' so apologise on his/her behalf for their stupidity. Firstly, I'm an atheist however feel no need to contentiously debate and challenge everyone else's beliefs. It's almost becoming acceptable to be intolerant to religious people which is quite sickening, but nonetheless it's someones belief so obnoxiously knocking it is really stupid.

I echo your sentiments…any rants on my part is my own effort to encourage a balanced approach to any discussions around the subject, even though my efforts may often be flawed. It’s an ongoing struggle that (I believe) should never be the focus of one’s life, but rather a peripheral effort to understand or appreciate the purpose of our existence. When it becomes the focus, it gives birth to extremists on either side, and the truth about life and being human then escapes us.

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