It was just a question why can't you answer it? You either are or you're not.

I know a trick question when I see one…firstly, if you’re sincere about this engagement, you wouldn’t hide behind anon. Secondly, if you’re paying attention at all, you’ll very quickly notice that there are more than just a few views of what Islam stands for. 

By asking me if I believe in Islam, you’re asking me to assume what your interpretation of Islam is, because that is the context within which you will interpret my response. 

So within what context are you asking? Within the context of Hollywood’s definition of Islam, Fox News’ definition, the American government’s definition, the mainstream definition, the islamphobic definition, the Taleban definition, the Al-Qaeda definition, or perhaps, in the off chance, the true definition of Islam? Which one are you referring to? Of course, my response to whichever one you choose would be to ask you to clarify your understanding of that view…can you see how argumentative this entire issue can become, without adding any meaning to anyone’s life in the process…so perhaps I should ask you, do you believe in God or man, or neither?

My point is, how is this relevant to the discussion at hand? Doesn’t it really boil down to the fact that I’m either an atheist, or I’m not?

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