Month: June 2011

  • If I had but an hour of love, If that be all it’s given me. An hour of love; upon this earth, I would give my love to thee. ~ Movie (The Lovely Bones) ~ Photo (c) Cynically Jaded

  • Sometimes, all you can do is brace yourself for the incoming storm. And sometimes, despite your best efforts, you’ll still run aground. Sometimes, the tide will come in and lift you up. And sometimes, you’ll be so tired that you’ll want to stay put. Regardless of your needs, your wants, your desires, or your pleas,…

  • The crescent and star are signs established in paganism and are not representative of Islam in any way at all. Given its pagan origins, consider what that means when you prostrate on a mat that has this symbol on it, or when you pray in a mosque that is decorated with it as its highest…

  • America, A country built on freedom and peace for everyone…yeah right.

  • Elusive

    If the inevitability of death merely heralds the inevitability of eternity, then I must ask myself, “What do I want from eternity?” More than happiness, more than comfort, I want peace. Not peace in knowing that I have everything I need, or everything I want, but peace in not needing anything or wanting anything… no…

  • Guess which one is the female? hehehe (Source:

  • Peace is acquired when desire meets reality. In the absence of a palatable reality, align your desires with your needs if you’re ever to find peace. Cynically Jaded

  • The spinelessness of some, breaks the back bone of others. Cynically Jaded